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Commercial Underground Storage Tanks (UST) are considered to be; UST systems used for storing motor fuel (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aviation fuel, etc.) for resale. UST systems containing motor fuel used to service vehicles for businesses. Farm or residential tanks greater than 1,100 gallons capacity used for storing motor fuel. UST systems storing heating oil for resale are also regulated, however USTs storing heating oil for use on the premises are not regulated. ​

SEI oversees the closing of your UST in accordance to NCDEQ, Division of Waste Management regulations.

​​What is required to permanently close a UST?

SEI will notify the appropriate DWM regional office of your ​intent to close the tank(s) within five working days of closure if the site assessment is performed by SEI.

​SEI will thoroughly clean the tank(s) and remove them from the ​​​ground. If the tank(s) cannot be removed from the ground, a request for approval from the DWM regional office can be made to fill them with a solid, inert material.

​You must make sure that removed USTs are disposed of properly. If your tanks are disposed of improperly, you could be held responsible for any environmental damage that occurs. SEI insures of proper disposal according to NCDEQ regulations.​

SEI will conduct a closure site assessment to determine if there have been any leaks. Prepare a site assessment report following the format of UST-12 and submit the site assessment report to the appropriate regional office.
​​​​ ​​
​Contamination Clean up Assistance

SEI can submit an application on your behalf to the State Trust Fund that is available to assist owners, operators, and landowners in the cleanup of contaminated soils and groundwater at commercial sites.

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Commercial Underground Storage Tank (UST)